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Module 1: Inventory of Chemicals

This module is a guide for identifying and tracking chemicals at a DOE facility. It lays out the steps needed to identify and inventory chemicals that are regulated under EPCRA. It also defines the steps needed to classify each chemical according to EPA's hazard definitions: Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHSs), Hazardous Substances (HSs), Hazardous Chemicals (HCs), and Toxic Chemicals (TCs). Information from Module 1 can then be used to address the requirements of EPCRA that are described in Modules 2-5. In addition, DOE staff and contractors may find that a chemical inventory is useful for environmental management beyond EPCRA, including but not limited to: permit applications, emissions monitoring, and waste minimization. However, if a DOE facility already has a comprehensive chemical tracking system, this module can be skipped. Module 1 is designed as a tool, it is not required under EPCRA.
  Reporting Requirements   Reporting Dates  
  Module 1 is designed as a tool and not required under EPCRA.   There are no reporting dates for Module 1.  
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