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Module 2: Emergency Planning Notification

Module 2 deals with EPCRA's Emergency Response Planning Notification requirements. These requirements are designed to make local and state emergency response planners aware of facilities that store significant quantities of Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHSs). Section 302 defines conditions for being designated as an Emergency Planning Facility, requires designated facilities to provide notification to the State Emergency Commission (SERC) and Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs), and further requires those facilities to provide emergency planning information to LEPC(s) upon request. Module 2 outlines the ways in which DOE facilities can be designated as Emergency Planning Facilities and describes the information required for each notification. DOE facilities should be alert to the possibility that they may fall within the jurisdiction of more than one LEPC.
  Reporting Requirements   Reporting Dates  
  1.  Notification to the SERC.   May 17, 1987 or within 60 days after the facility first becomes subject to Emergency Planning.  
  2.  Notification to the LEPC(s).   September 17, 1987 or when the facility first becomes subject to Emergency Planning.  
  3.  Provision of Planning Information to LEPC(s).   Whenever requested by the LEPC(s).  
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