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Module 3: Emergency Release

Module 3 deals with EPCRA's Emergency Release Notification requirements. Section 304 defines a Reportable Quantity (RQ) for each Hazardous Substance (HS). It requires immediate notification of the SERC and LEPC(s) when a HS spill greater than its RQ or Extremely Hazardous Substance (EHS) spill occurs. In addition to this EPCRA requirement, Section 302 of CERCLA requires notification to the National Response Center (NRC) for many releases. Module 3 outlines the releases that require reporting under EPCRA and CERCLA, and describes the information needed for an emergency release notification. It also describes information needed for follow-up report to the SERC and LEPC(s). In addition, Module 3 summarizes exemptions from release reporting and identifies situations in which additional DOE and/or state standards may apply.
  Reporting Requirements   Reporting Dates  
  1. Notification to the SERC.
  2. Notification to the LEPC(s).
  3. Notification to the NRC.
  4. Follow-up Report to SERC and LEPC(s).
Immediately (whenever applicable).
Immediately (whenever applicable).
Immediately (whenever applicable).
As soon as practicable after a release.
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