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Module 4: Community Right-to-Know

EPCRA's Community Right-to-Know requirements (Sections 311 and 312) are address in this module. When hazardous chemicals are present at a facility, Section 311 requires the owner or operator of that facility to submit a list of those chemicals or their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) to the SERC, LEPC(s), and local fire department(s). Section 312 requires facility owners and operators to submit a Tier I or Tier II inventory form, describing the locations, quantities, and storage method(s) for each reportable hazardous chemical. The Tier I or Tier II submission is a yearly requirement and the list or MSDS submissions must be updated as needed. Upon request, additional MSDSs or Tier II form information may be required by the LEPC(s). Module Four explains how to determine whether chemicals at DOE facilities must be reported for Sections 311 and 312, and describes alternative methods for meeting those standards.
  Reporting Requirements   Reporting Dates  
  1.  Submission of MSDSs or List.   October 17, 1987 or three months after the facility becomes subject to EPCRA requirements.  
  2.  Submission of Tier I or Tier II form.   March 1, 1988 and every subsequent March 1. (Be sure to use current Tier I and Tier II forms.)  
  3.  Updates to the MSDS or List submission.   Within three months of changes affecting MSDS or List submission.  
  4.  MSDSs or Tier II forms for additional chemicals.   Upon request.  
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