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Module 5 (Section 313): Toxic Chemical Release Inventory

Module Five addresses the external reporting required by Federal Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI) requirements, Section 313 of EPCRA (40 CFR 372), and Executive Order 12856 "Federal Compliance with Right-to-Know Laws and Pollution Prevention Requirements". This module is designed to assist DOE personnel in determining whether their site is subject to TRI regulations, it does not address DOE contractors ' obligations under EPCRA. These regulations require manufactures to report to the state and to the EPA any releases, disposal, treatment, and storage of Toxic Chemicals (TCs) which are used in excess of a use threshold established by EPA. Facilities exceeding this threshold must submit a TRI reporting form, the Form R, for each reportable TC.

  Reporting Requirements   Reporting Dates  
  1.  Submission of Toxic Chemical Release Inventory forms to EPA and State Agency.   July 1, 1988 and every subsequent July 1. (Be sure to use current Form Rs.)  
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