Sep. 5, 2014
Call for Nominations for the Good Neighbor Environmental Board Membership
EPA invites nominations of a diverse group of qualified candidates to be considered for appointment to the Good Neighbor Environmental Board (GNEB). Vacancies must be filled by March 2015, but nominations must be received by the end of October 2014 to be included in the candidate pool. The GNEB was created in 1992 by the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative Act, and it is responsible for providing advice to the President on environmental and infrastructure issues and needs within the States contiguous to Mexico. The GNEB consists of representatives from U.S. Government agencies; the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas; academia; environmental and non-governmental entities; business and industry; and tribal and private organizations. Members are appointed by the EPA Administrator for two-year terms. For information on the board, see http://www.epa.gov/ocem/gneb/index.html. For information on the nomination process, click here.

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