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Mar. 10, 2016
DoD's Natural Selections Newsletter - Spring 2016
The Spring 2016 issue of Natural Selections, the DoD Natural Resources Program quarterly newsletter, is attached. The newsletter highlights training within DoD and includes updates from various DoD programs, initiatives, and partnerships.
This Issue's Headlines:

• Just Released -- Legacy Request For Proposals!

• SPOTLIGHT: The History of Navy's BASH Program

• Naturally Speaking

• A Brief History of the Armed Forces Pest Management Board

• What's Hoppin' in DoD PARC: Spring 2016 Update

• The Evolution of Biological Diversity Conservation on Department of Defense Lands

• Radar Monitoring of Bird Movements

• Responsible Coral Reef Management Equals Warfighter Flexibility

• Steppingstones Corner: View from the Eyrie - The History of DoD PIF: How A Fledgling Group Took Off

• Evolution of the Endangered Species Act and DoD

• Natural Resources Documents, Upcoming Events, and Links of Interest

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