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Jun. 21, 2016
DoD's Natural Selections Newsletter - Summer 2016
The Summer 2016 issue of Natural Selections, the DoD Natural Resources Program quarterly newsletter, is attached. The newsletter highlights training within DoD and includes updates from various DoD programs, initiatives, and partnerships.

This Issue's Headlines:
• In the News: One-Third of North American Birds are in Trouble
• SPOTLIGHT: Women Supporting Women: DoD and the Women's Wildlife Conservation Network
• New! An Introduction from the Desk of DoD's Deputy Director, Natural Resources
• A Successful Amphibian and Reptile Conservation PARCnership
• NMFWA: A Natural Resource Partnering & Communication Tool
• USFWS Honors Barry M. Goldwater Range with 2016 Military Conservation Partner Award
• POCs, MOUs and other TLAs (Three-Letter Acronyms): The Benefits of Partnership and Cooperation with Professional Organizations
• Bald Eagles Continue To Soar due to DoD's and USFWS' Conservation Efforts
• The Endangered Species Roundtable: Successful Cooperative Interagency Management
• BASH Partnerships: The Navy and USDA Partner for Safer Skies
• USACE Uses Cooperative Network to Tap Top Talent for DoD Environmental Needs
• Coast Guard in Hawaii Honored for Helping Endangered Monk Seals
• NEEF and DoD Legacy Partner to Help Public Lands
• What's Hoppin' in DoD PARC: DoD PARC Representatives Provide Technical Support to Conduct Survey in Italy
• Secretary of Defense Environmental Award Winner, Camp Dawson in West Virginia, Achieves Conservation Goals through Strategic Local Partnerships and Efficient Resource Management
• Webinars, Natural Resources Documents, Upcoming Events, and Links of Interest

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