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Feb. 1, 2018
EPA Releases Annual Plan for Chemical Risk Evaluations
This is the second annual report on risk evaluations as required under amended TSCA. The 2018 annual plan identifies the next steps for the first 10 chemical reviews currently underway and describes EPA's work in 2018 to prepare for future risk evaluations. EPA will initiate prioritization for 40 chemicals - at least 20 Low-Priority and 20 High-Priority candidates – by the end of calendar year 2018. By December 22, 2019, EPA will have designated 20 substances as Low-Priority and initiated risk evaluations on 20 High-Priority substances. In order to support these risk evaluations and other key aspects of TSCA implementation, EPA will be proposing a draft TSCA Fees Rule in early 2018 which will provide estimates of the resources required to undertake risk evaluations.

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