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Mar. 15, 2018
Energy and Homeland Security Departments Partner to Advance Federal Infrastructure Resilience
Leaders from the U.S. DOE and the U.S. DHS recently signed a MOU to collaborate in a strategic partnership to advance federal critical infrastructure resilience. The partnership will result in the development and implementation of a systematic approach to planning and deploying projects and measures that will help reduce DHS energy use while strengthening the resilience and security of their facilities. This partnership will address continuity of operations, energy and water efficiency in buildings, mobile/transportation assets, and information technologies and facilities. The partnership will permit the development of an agency-wide resilience framework and support implementation of the plan at DHS pilot sites. FEMP's long term goal for the partnership is to develop an integrated enterprise-wide system approach that all federal agencies can use to achieve their energy resilience and security missions by optimizing their facility operations and security, enhancing grid reliability, and conserving energy and water.

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