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Jul. 12, 2018
SFTool Releases New Health and Buildings Module
GSA's Office of Federal High-Performance Buildings is excited to share our latest features which include: the new Health and Buildings Module, including the Health and Wellness Guidance Crosswalk, and a redesigned Submetering Wizard.

Learn: Health and Buildings Module - Learn about the financial benefits of and best practices for proactively improving health outcomes and reducing health risks in buildings. The module uses graphics and plain language to introduce and define health and well-being in an accessible way. It's supplemented by new content across SFTool on circadian light, biophilic design, fenestration, daylight modeling, and much more.

Learn: Health and Wellness Guidance Crosswalk - Explore a new crosswalk that connects the dots between the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings and other industry standards, guidelines and rating systems. Choose those criteria that best suit your project to promote health and wellness as optimally as possible.

Plan: Submetering Wizard - We've redesigned our submetering wizard to be even easier to use. Just select a submetering type and your desired features to learn about additional benefits (security, environmental, reliability, behavioral, and economic). You can also mark which benefits you've attained in an already installed system and print or export a customized list of benefits.


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