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Jan. 22, 2020
EPA Announces Enforcement Actions to Protect Drinking Water at Eight Federal Facilities
EPA announced that it issued eight Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) enforcement orders to federal facilities in Fiscal Year 2019. The SDWA enforcement orders were issued to ensure public health protection through compliance with federal drinking water standards at public water systems operated by federal facilities. EPA issued five orders to federal facilities for violations of the public water system requirements. These orders addressed different violations at each facility and include orders to monitor lead and copper, nitrate and total coliform bacteria; to lower copper levels; and to address system deficiencies. EPA also issued three orders to federal facilities for imminent and substantial endangerment. An order was issued to one facility to address a main water break, to another facility to address an e-coli positive sample; and a third facility to repair and replace piping in imminent danger of failing. EPA continues to work with these federal facilities to address violations of the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations and ensure public health protection. EPA has identified protection of drinking water as a National Compliance Initiative (NCI), indicating that it is an enforcement and compliance priority.

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