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Reconsideration on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) and the Utility New Source Performance Standards Startup and Shutdown Provisions; Final Action (Final)
Aug. 8, 2016
EPA has responded to two petitions for reconsideration of the final rule titled "Reconsideration of Certain Startup/Shutdown Issues: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) From Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Utility Steam Generating Units and Standards of Performance (NSPS) for Fossil-Fuel-Fired Electric Utility, Industrial-Commercial-Institutional, and Small Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Steam Generating Units," published in the Federal Register on 19 November 19, 2014. The Administrator denied the requests for reconsideration in separate letters to the petitioners. The letters and a document providing a full explanation of the agency's rationale for each denial is in the docket for these rules. POC is Mr. Jim Eddinger, Sector Policies and Programs Division (D243-01), Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711; tel: 919-541-5426; fax: 919-541-5450; email: eddinger.jim@epa.gov (Federal Register; 8 August 2016 [Rules and Regulations], pages 52346-52347).

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