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Final NPDES Pesticide General Permit for Point Source Discharges From the Application of Pesticides; Reissuance (Final)
Nov. 2, 2016
This notice announces issuance by all ten EPA Regions of the final 2016 NPDES pesticide general permit (PGP)--the "2016 PGP." The 2016 PGP, which has an effective date of 31 October 2016, replaces the existing permit ("2011 PGP") that expires at midnight on 31 October 2016, and authorizes certain point source discharges from the application of pesticides to waters of the United States in accordance with the terms and conditions described therein. EPA is issuing this permit for five (5) years in all areas of the country where EPA is the NPDES permitting authority. POC is Prasad Chumble, EPA Headquarters, Office of Water, Office of Wastewater Management at tel.: 202-564-0021 or email: chumble.prasad@epa.gov (Federal Register; 1 November 2016 [Notices], pages 75816-75820).

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