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Revisions to Procedure 2-Quality Assurance Requirements for Particulate Matter Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems at Stationary Sources (Final)
Nov. 22, 2016
EPA is taking direct final action to update a procedure in the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS). The procedure provides the ongoing QA/QC procedures for assessing the acceptability of particulate matter (PM) continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS). The procedure explains the criteria for passing an annual response correlation audit (RCA) and the criteria for passing an annual relative response audit (RRA). EPA is modifying the procedure to allow facilities to extend their PM CEMS correlation regression line to the lowest PM CEMS response obtained during the annual RCA or RRA, when these PM CEMS responses are less than the lowest response used to develop the existing correlation curve. This change will ensure that facilities that have reduced their emissions since completing their correlation testing will no longer be penalized because their lower emissions fall outside their initial response range. This rule is effective on 21 February 2017 without further notice, unless the EPA receives adverse comment by 21 December 2016. POC is Ms. Kimberly Garnett, U.S. EPA, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, Air Quality Assessment Division, Measurement Technology Group (E143-02), Research Triangle Park, NC 27711; tel: 919-541-1158; fax: 919-541- 0516; email: garnett.kim@epa.gov (Federal Register; 21 November 2016 [Rules and Regulations], pages 83160-83163).

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