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Delay of Effective Date for 30 Final Regulations Published by the EPA Between October 28, 2016 and January 17, 2017 (Final)
Jan. 26, 2017
In accordance with the Presidential directive as expressed in the memorandum of 20 January 2017, from the Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff, entitled "Regulatory Freeze Pending Review," this action temporarily delays until 21 March 2017, the effective date of the regulations listed in the table below. EPA identified 30 regulations that meet those criteria. This regulation is effective January 26, 2017. The effective date of each regulation listed is delayed to a new effective date of 21 March 2017. POC is Sarah Rees, Director, Office of Regulatory Policy and Management, Office of Policy, Mail code 1804, U.S. EPA, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW., Washington, DC 20460; 202-564-1986; rees.sarah@epa.gov (Federal Register; 26 January 2017 [Rules and Regulations], pages 8499-8501).

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