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Intention To Review and Rescind or Revise the Clean Water Rule (Final)
Mar. 6, 2017
In accordance with a Presidential directive, the U.S. EPA and the Department of the Army announces its intention to review and rescind or revise the Clean Water Rule. POCs are: Ms. Donna Downing, Office of Water (4502-T), EPA, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460; tel: 202-566-2428; email CWAwaters@epa.gov, and Mr. Gib Owen, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, Department of the Army, 104 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0104; tel: 703-695-4641; email gib.a.owen.civ@mail.mil (Federal Register; 6 March 2017 [Notices], page 12532).

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