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Executive Order 13783
Mar. 31, 2017
Promoting Energy Independence and Promoting Economic Growth

28 March 2017

The EO directs agencies to review existing regulations that potentially burden the development or use of domestically produced energy resources and appropriately suspend, revise, or rescind those that unduly burden the development of domestic energy resources beyond the degree necessary to protect the public interest or otherwise comply with the law. As a result of the review, agencies will submit a report including specific recommendations that, to the extent permitted by law, could alleviate or eliminate aspects of agency actions that burden domestic energy production.

Under this EO, the following Presidential actions are revoked:

   • EO 13653 of November 1, 2013 (Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change);
   • The Presidential Memorandum of June 25, 2013 (Power Sector Carbon Pollution Standards);
   • The Presidential Memorandum of November 3, 2015 (Mitigating Impacts on Natural Resources from Development and Encouraging Related Private Investment); and
   • The Presidential Memorandum of September 21, 2016 (Climate Change and National Security).


Under this EO, the following reports are rescinded:
   • The Report of the Executive Office of the President of June 2013 (The President's Climate Action Plan); and
   • The Report of the Executive Office of the President of March 2014 (Climate Action Plan Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions).
   • CEQ's Final Guidance for Federal Departments and Agencies on Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Effects of Climate Change in National Environmental Policy Act Reviews.


The EO also disbands the The Interagency Working Group on Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases (IWG) and rescinds the documents issued by that group.



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