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Risk Management Programs Under the Clean Air Act; Further Delay of Effective Date (Draft)
Apr. 3, 2017
EPA is proposing to delay the effective date of the final rule that amends the Risk Management Program regulations under the Clean Air Act published in the Federal Register on 13 January 2017. On 16 March 2017, the EPA published in the Federal Register a stay and delay of the effective date pending reconsideration to 19 June 2017. The EPA is proposing to further delay the effective date to 19 February 2019. This action would allow the Agency time to consider petitions for reconsideration of this final rule and take further regulatory action, which could include proposing and finalizing a rule to revise the Risk Management Program amendments. Written comments must be received by 19 May 2017. POC is James Belke, United States EPA, Office of Land and Emergency Management, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. (Mail Code 5104A), Washington, DC 20460; tel: 202-564-8023; email: belke.jim@epa.gov (Federal Register; 3 April 2017 [Proposed Rules], pages 16146-16149).

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