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Use of DOT Specification 39 Cylinders for Liquefied Flammable Compressed Gas (Final)
Apr. 24, 2017
PHMSA is issuing a revised safety advisory notice to address concerns of offerors and users of DOT Specification 39 (DOT-39) cylinders that exceed 75 cubic inches (in\3\) (1.23 L) and to provide clarification of the initial safety advisory notice issued on this subject on 13 December 2016 (Notice No. 2016-14). DOT-39 cylinders exceeding 75 in\3\ (1.23 L) should not contain liquefied flammable compressed cyclopropane, ethane, or ethylene, or liquefied petroleum gases. PHMSA advises against the filling or transporting of these gases in DOT-39 cylinders when the cylinder's internal volume exceeds 75 in\3\ (1.23 L). POC is Refaat Shafkey, General Engineer, Engineering and Research Division, Office of Hazardous Materials Safety, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590. Tel: 202-366-4545 or email: refaat.shafkey@dot.gov (Federal Register; 24 April 2017 [Notices], pages 18967-18968).

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