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NESHAPS Off-Site Waste and Recovery Operations (Draft)
Aug. 7, 2017
The proposed amendments address an issue related to monitoring pressure relief devices (PRDs) on containers. This issue was raised in a petition for reconsideration of the amendments to the OSWRO NESHAP finalized in 2015 based on the residual risk and technology review (RTR). Among other things, the 2015 amendments established additional monitoring requirements for all PRDs, including PRDs on containers. For PRDs on containers, these monitoring requirements were in addition to the inspection and monitoring requirements for containers and their closure devices, which include PRDs that were already required by the OSWRO NESHAP. This proposed action would remove the additional monitoring requirements for PRDs on containers that resulted from the 2015 amendments because we have determined that they are not necessary. Comments must be received on or before 21 September 2017. POC is Ms. Angie Carey, Sector Policies and Programs Division (E143-01), Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, U.S. EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711; tel: 919-541-2187; fax: 919-541-0246; email: carey.angela@epa.gov (Federal Register; 7 August 2017 [Proposed Rules], pages 36713-36719).

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