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Call for Public Comments on Peer Review Materials To Inform the SDWA Decision Making on Perchlorate (Final)
Sep. 15, 2017
The U.S. EPA is announcing the release of materials for public comment. These materials will undergo expert peer review in support of EPA's Safe Drinking Water Act decision making for perchlorate. This request is one of two Federal Register notices being published concurrently, seeking public comment on two separate sets of peer review materials. This notice requests comments (to be sent to EPA) on a draft report entitled "Draft Report: Proposed Approaches to Inform the Derivation of a Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for Perchlorate in Drinking Water" (draft MCLG Approaches Report). Comments must be received by EPA on or before 30 October 2017. POC is Samuel Hernandez at U.S. EPA, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, Standards and Risk Management Division, (Mail Code 4607M), 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460; tel: 202-564-1735; or email: Hernandez.Samuel@epa.gov (Federal Register; 15 September 2017 [Notices], pages 43354-43356).

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