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Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals From Electric Utilities; Amendments to the National Minimum Criteria (Phase One, Part One) (Final)
Jul. 30, 2018
On 17 April 2015 EPA promulgated national minimum criteria for existing and new coal combustion residuals (CCR) landfills and existing and new CCR surface impoundments. In March 2018, EPA proposed a number of revisions to the 2015 CCR rule and requested comment on additional issues. EPA is adopting two alternative performance standards that either Participating State Directors in states with approved CCR permit programs or EPA where EPA is the permitting authority may apply to owners and operators of CCR units. EPA also revised groundwater protection standards (GWPS) for 4 constituents without an established MCL. EPA extended the deadline by which facilities must stop the placement of waste in CCR units closing for cause in 2 situations: Where the facility has detected a statistically significant increase above a GWPS from an unlined surface impoundment; and where the unit is unable to comply with the aquifer location restriction. Proposed rule revisions not addressed in this rule will be addressed later. Final rule is effective on 29 August 2018. POC is Kirsten Hillyer, Office of RCRA, EPA, 5304P, Washington, DC 20460; tel: (03-347-0369; email: hillyer.kirsten@epa.gov (Federal Register; 30 July 2018 [Rules and Regulations], pages 36435-36456).

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