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Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources and Emission Guidelines for Existing Sources: Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units; Technical Amendments (Final)
Apr. 18, 2019
Following requests for clarification of its June 2016 final action, the EPA published proposed amendments to several provisions of the 2016 New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and Emission Guidelines (EG) for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration (CISWI). This action finalizes the proposed amendments, which provide clarity and address implementation issues in the final CISWI NSPS and EG, as well as correcting inconsistencies and errors in these provisions. This final rule is effective on April 16, 2019. Dr. Nabanita Modak Fischer, Fuels and Incineration Group, Sector Policies and Programs Division (E143-05), EPA, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711; tele: (919) 541-5572; email: modak.nabanita@epa.gov. ( Federal Register: 16 April 2019 [Rules and Regulations] Pages 15846-15918).

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