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Review of the Dust-Lead Hazard Standards and the Definition of Lead-Based Paint (Final)
Jul. 9, 2019
EPA evaluated the current dust-lead hazard standards (DLHS) and the definition of lead-based paint (LBP). Based on this evaluation, this final rule revises the DLHS from 40 [micro]g/ft\2\ and 250 [micro]g/ft\2\ to 10 [micro]g/ft\2\ and 100 [micro]g/ft\2\ on floors and window sills, respectively. EPA is also finalizing its proposal to make no change to the definition of LBP because insufficient information exists to support such a change at this time. This final rule is effective January 6, 2020. POC: John Yowell, National Program Chemicals Division, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20460-0001; tele: 202-564-1213; email: yowell.john@epa.gov.(Federal Register: 9 July 2019 [Rules and Regulations] Pages 32632-32648).

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