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Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 90-Day Findings for Three Species (Draft)
Sep. 6, 2019
USFWS announced a 90-day findings on three petitions to add species to the list of TES, or to revise the critical habitat designation for a listed species. Based on their review, USFWS announces that they plan to initiate a review of the status of Mojave poppy bee (Perdita meconis) to determine whether the petitioned action is warranted. USFWS is not initiating a status review of Yellowstone National Park bison (population of Bison bison bison) in response to the petition. Lastly, USFWS finds that the third petition--a petition to revise the critical habitat designation for the currently listed Mount Graham red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus grahamensis)--presents substantial scientific or commercial information indicating that the petitioned action may be warranted. These findings were made on September 6, 2019. POC for each species is provided in the federal register. (Federal Register: 6 September 2019 [Proposed Rules] Pages 46927-46931)

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