Removal of Howellia aquatilis (Water Howellia) From the List of Endangered and Threatened Plants (Draft)
Oct. 7, 2019
USFWS proposes to remove the plant Howellia aquatilis (water howellia) from the Federal
List of Endangered and Threatened Plants. The best available scientific and commercial data indicate that threats to water howellia identified at the time of listing in 1994 are not as significant as originally anticipated and are being adequately managed. USFWS are seeking information and comments from the public regarding this proposed rule and the draft post-delisting monitoring (PDM) plan for water howellia. USFWS will accept comments received or postmarked on or before 6 December 2019. POC: Jodi Bush, USFWS, Montana Ecological Services Field Office, 585 Shepard Way, Suite 1, Helena, MT 59601; tele: 406-449-5225.
(Federal Register: 7 October 2019 [Proposed Rules] Pages 53380-53397)

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