National Environmental Policy Act Implementing Procedures for the Bureau of Land Management (Draft)
Jun. 2, 2020
This notice announces the Department of the Interior's (Department) proposal to revise the NEPA implementing procedures for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at Chapter 11 of Part 516 of the Departmental Manual (DM) with a proposed new categorical exclusion (CX) for authorization of the salvage harvest of dead or dying trees. Comments must be postmarked (for mailed comments), delivered (for personal or messenger delivery comments), or filed (for electronic comments) no later than 2 July 2020. POC is Heather Bernier, Acting Division Chief, Decision Support, Planning, and NEPA, at (202) 912-7282, or hbernier@blm.gov.
(Federal Register: 2 June 2020 [Notice] pages 33697-33701)

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