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Regulations Implementing the Procedural Provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (Final)
Jul. 16, 2020
CEQ issued this final rule to update its regulations for Federal agencies to implement the NEPA. CEQ has not comprehensively updated its regulations since their promulgation in 1978, more than four decades ago. This final rule comprehensively updates, modernizes, and clarifies the regulations to facilitate more efficient, effective, and timely NEPA reviews by Federal agencies in connection with proposals for agency action. The rule will improve interagency coordination in the environmental review process, promote earlier public involvement, increase transparency, and enhance the participation of States, Tribes, and localities. The amendments will advance the original goals of the CEQ regulations to reduce paperwork and delays, and promote better decisions consistent with the national environmental policy set forth in section 101 of NEPA. This is a major rule subject to congressional review. The effective date is 14 September 2020. POC is Viktoria Z. Seale, Chief of Staff and General Counsel, 202-395-5750, NEPA-Update@ceq.eop.gov. (Federal Register: 16 July 2020 [Rule] pages 43304-43376)

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