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Designation of Critical Habitat for the Georgetown and Salado Salamanders (Draft)
Sep. 15, 2020
USFWS is revising their proposed designation of critical habitat for the Georgetown salamander (Eurycea naufragia) and Salado salamander (Eurycea chisholmensis) in Bell and Williamson Counties, Texas. Based on published genetic analyses, they are revising the distribution of the Georgetown and Salado salamanders and are adjusting previously proposed critical habitat units accordingly. They also propose changes to our description of the physical or biological features essential to the conservation of the species. They propose a total of approximately 1,519 acres (ac) (622 hectares (ha)) of critical habitat for the species in Bell and Williamson Counties, Texas. The total amount of critical habitat we are proposing for both salamanders has increased by approximately 116 ac (47 ha). The reasons for this increase are the addition of a new occupied site for the Salado salamander and refined mapping of previously proposed critical habitat units based on more precise spring locations. They will accept comments received or postmarked on or before 16 November 2020. Adam Zerrenner, Field Supervisor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Austin Ecological Services Field Office, 10711 Burnet Rd., Suite 200, Austin, TX 78758; telephone 512-490-0057.

(Federal Register 15 September 2020 (Proposed Rule) Pages 57578-57613)

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