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Significant Portion of Its Range Analysis for the Northern Distinct Population Segment of the Southern Subspecies of Scarlet Macaw (Final)
Apr. 3, 2023
USFWS determined threatened status under the ESA for the northern distinct population segment (DPS), of the southern subspecies of scarlet macaw (Ara macao macao). Scarlet macaws are brilliantly colored parrots native to Mexico and Central and South America. This action affirms the 2019 listing of the scarlet macaw under the Act. This determination is effective 30 March 2023. POC is Rachel London, Chief, Branch of Delisting and Foreign Species, Ecological Services Program, USFWS, MS: ES, 5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041–3803 tele: 703–358–2171. (Federal Register 3 April 2023 [Rule] Pages 19549-19559)

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