Available Energy Training
Feb. 3, 2005
Facility managers, energy managers, contractors, and others need to understand the latest information about energy and water management in order to help the Federal government be save energy and money and meet energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation goals.
With targeted and up-to-date courses, FEMP helps Federal energy managers become more proficient in energy management and learn about alternative forms of financing energy-saving projects. In addition to FEMP's energy and water management courses, FEMP sponsors a number of national energy and water management conferences hosted by other entities; and, FEMP's Training Locator lists a wide variety of training opportunities offered by universities, professional associations, and private organizations. For more information contact the EEREInformation Center, 1-877-337-3463 or go to: https://www7.eere.energy.gov/femp/training/  .

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