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Offered by DLA, this 4-day course focuses on how to manage and operate a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste (HW) storage facility. Materials include current editions of RCRA regulations. This course, combined with site-specific (employer-led) hands-on familiarization, is designed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandatory HW training requirements (40 CFR 264.16 (a)). Course highlights include: overview of RCRA statute, HW identification, HW profiling, accumulation timeframes, operating records, container management, recordkeeping/documentation, contingency plan, waste analysis, inspections, land disposal restrictions, recyclable materials, universal waste, and military munitions. This course is designed for environmental protection specialists or anyone who has duties/responsibilities for the management and/or operation of a RCRA HW storage facility. People employed by any DOD, Federal, State, or local agency are eligible to attend. This is course number DCPSO00R509. The following URL will connect users to the current class schedule offerings and course catalog. A CAC card is required to enter the site.

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