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2006 Symposium Proceedings

Use the 2006 agenda below to access the conference presentations.

May 2, 2006

8:30 am – 10 am

Plenary Session

Welcome to NIH: Colleen Barros, NIH/Office of the Director

Opening Remarks: Edwin Pinero, FEE

Keynote Speakers: James L. Connaughton, Chairman, CEQ

James Garvin; Chief Scientist, NASA

Break (10:00 – 10:30 am)

10:30am – 12:00 pm

Breakout 1.1: EMS is everybody’s job


Moderator: Catherine Johnson, DOT

Breakout 2:.1 Green Purchasing Requirements – the Big Picture

Conf. E

Moderator: Dana Arnold, OFEE

Breakout 3.1: The Business Case for Federal Sustainable Buildings

Conf. F

Moderator: Ken Sandler, EPA

Implementing the General Services Administration National Environmental Management System

Speaker: Raheem M. Cash

Director, Environment,

Public Building Service, Office of Applied Science

US General Services Administration


Department of Energy Headquarters Facilities EMS

Speaker: Melanie A. Pearson

Environmental Protection Specialist

Office of Environment

US Department of Energy


Lessons Learned-The Environmental Protection Agency Region III EMS

Speaker: Steven J. Donohue

Environmental Scientist/Project Manager

Environmental Assessment and Innovation Division

US Environmental Protection Agency Region III

What is Green Purchasing Anyway?


Dana Arnold, OFEE

This session provides an overview of the seven components of the Federal green purchasing program and examples of the cool stuff Federal agencies are doing to implement green purchasing.

The Dollars And Sense of Sustainability

Speaker: Dr. Teresa Pohlman

Tenant Activities Group Leader, Pentagon Renovation Program



Sustainable Design Innovations at Federal Facilities

Speaker: Donald R. Horn

Director, Sustainable Design Program

Office of Applied Science

Public Buildings Service

US General Services Administration


Health and Productivity Benefits of Green Buildings

Speaker: Ken SandlerCo-Chair, EPA Green Building Workgroup

US EPA (MC 6609J)

12:00 – 1:00 pm


1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Breakout 1.2: Compliance Management and EMS implementation


Moderator: Melanie Pearson, DOE

Breakout 2.2: How to Buy Green Computers

Conf E

Moderator: Holly Elwood, EPA

Breakout 3.2: Improving Sustainable Performance In Federal Buildings

Conf. F

Moderator: Alison Kinn Bennett, EPA

Presidential Management Council (PMC) Compliance Improvement Initiative: Where are we and where are we going?

This session is intended to provide information on the status of the The Presidential Management Council Compliance Initiative (PMCI) and the path forward envisioned by the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive (OFEE). This session will also include a presentation from the Federal Agency perspective on the PMCI.


Edwin Pinero, Federal Environmental Executive, Office of the Federal Environmental Executive

Catherine Johnson,

Environmental Engineer

Office of Transportation and Facilities

US Department of Transportation


EPEAT? What Is It, How to Use It, and Examples of Agencies Using It (Presentation repeated in Session 3.5)

Speaker: Holly Elwood, EPA


How DOI Used EPEAT in an Equipment Acquisition

Speaker: Catherine Cesnik, DOI

Industry Support and Participation in the Development of EPEAT and How Dell Is Developing Products that Meet EPEAT

Speaker: Mark Schaffer, Dell Computer

All You Need to Know to Meet Your Green Building MOU Commitments
Speaker: Alison Kinn Bennett
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program USEPA

An Agency Case Study Approach in Greening Buildings
Speakers: Bucky Green

Chief, Sustainable Facilities Branch


New ASHRAE Plus Standard required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005
Speaker: Cyrus Nasseri; DOE


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Breakout 1.3: EMS Performance Measurement—Establishing measurable objective and targets to enhance your performance


Moderator: John Smart, IHS

Breakout 2.3: What Tools are Available to Capture the Benefits of Green Purchasing

Conf. E

Moderator: Terry Grogan

Breakout 3.3: Best Practices And Strategies for Federal Sustainable Buildings

Conf F

Moderator: Dennis Talton,


EMS Reporting Pilot Program- Department of Commerce and the Environmental Protection Agency

Speaker: Peter Wixted

Environmental Manager

Office of Real Estate

US Department of Commerce

Performance Measurement in EMS

Speaker: Kathy A. Carney, CHMM

Division Director

Environmental Protection and Waste Services Division


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

New EPA Environmental Benefits Calculator Guide

Speaker: Terry Grogan, EPA

Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator


Patty Dillon, Dillon Environmental Associates

Maria Socolf, Abt Associates

Green Janitorial Benefits Tool

Speaker: Jim Darr, EPA

Green Building Materials Purchasing Tools

Speaker: Kim Fowler, PNNL

EAP New England Regional Laboratory
Speaker: John Buckley
Sustainable Design/Greenbuild Coordinator, Public Buildings Service
GSA Region 1


Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Headquarters Buildings
Speaker: Dennis O. Talton Sustainable Development Program Manager
Naval Facilities Engineering Command


Los Alamos Sustainable Design - LEED, Follow, or Get Out of the Way
Speaker: Denny Hjeresen Team leader, Pollution Prevention/Sustainability group Los Alamos National Laboratory



May 3, 2006

8:30 – 10:00 am

Plenary Session

Business Transformation: Cooperative Conservation, Mitch Butler; Deputy Associate Director, CEQ, Robert Lamb; Senior Advisor to the Secretary; Department of the Interior and Edwin Pinero; Federal Environmental Executive; OFEE-CEQ

10:00 – 10:30 am


10:30am – 12:00 pm

Breakout 1.4: Bio-based Initiatives as part of your EMS

Conf E

Moderator: Melanie Pearson, DOE

Breakout 2.4: What Are the New Energy Efficient Product Requirements


Moderator: Joan Glickman, DOE

Breakout 3.4: Electronics Stewardship one bite @ a time

Conf F

Moderator: Laura Nazef, EPA

Integrating Bio-based Green Purchasing into your EMS

Speaker: Holly Elwood, US Environmental Protection Agency


The Department of Energy Bio-Diesel Shuttle Bus Pilot Program

Speaker: Ellsworth Howell, Jr.,

Office of Management

US Department of Energy

New Energy Efficient Products Requirements:

What Federal Purchasers Need to Know

Speaker: Joan Glickman, DOE


Energy Star Update

Speaker: Katherine Kaplan Osdoba, EPA Energy Star


How DLA and GSA Are Meeting EPAct Requirements

Speaker: Karen Moran, DLA


What’s New in Solid State/LED Lighting?

Speaker: Brad Gustafson

What is Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC)

Speaker: Juan D. Lopez; Senior Program Analyst, Office of the Federal Environmental Executive


FEC: Tools and Resources

Speaker: Laura Nazef

Environmental Protection Specialist, Pollution Prevention Division



FEC: Getting Results


Fred Martinez, Chief, Materiel Policy, Training and Operations

Staff, Department of Veterans Affairs

Sandra Cannon, EO 13101 Coordinator

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Noon – 1:00 pm


1:00 – 2:30 pm

Breakout 1.5: Compliance Management and EMS Implementation


Moderator: Karen Waldvogel, USDA

Breakout 2.5: How to Buy Green Building Construction and Renovation Services and Products

Conf F

Moderator: Alison Kinn Bennett, ; asy to Buy Energy Efficient Productsuirementsrc will send review comments by Jan 17Ds EPA

Breakout 3.5: Buying and Using Electronics the Sustainable Way

Conf E

Moderator: Holly Elwood, EPA

EMS Implementation for Laboratories


This panel session will provide an overview of EMS implementation at laboratories of differing sizes and complexities. Experience at small and large laboratories will be stored on topics such as aspects identification, setting objectives and targets and assessment and verification.


Daniel McCollum

Quality Manager

Environment, Safety and Health Division

National Energy Technology Laboratory


Terry Leland

Environmental Protection Specialist

Environmental Quality Branch

National Institutes of Health


Michael Miller, Agriculture Marketing Service

US Department of Agriculture 


Peter Jovanovich, Agriculture Research Service

US Department of Agriculture


Lynda Podhorniak

Chemist, EMS Co-Coordinator

US EPA Environmental Science Center


Green Building MOU

Speaker: Juan Lopez, OFEE


Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers: Model Language for Meeting Green Purchasing Requirements

Speaker: Alison Kinn Bennett, EPA


Green Construction Products that Meet ASTM and Other Specs

Speaker: Sandra Cannon, PNNL

Simplifying Green Purchasing of Computers

Speaker: Holly Elwood, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, USEPA

Energy Efficiency and Electronics use (specific to office electronic products)

Speaker: Katharine Kaplan Osdoba, Energy Star Program, USEPA

IT Asset Management for Sustainability

Speaker: Mary Reid, Desktop & Collaboration Solutions, USEPA

2:30 - 3:00


3:00 – 4:30 pm

Breakout 1.6: Verification, Validation and Internal Audits/Assessments Training Session


Moderator: Melanie Pearson, DOE

Breakout 2.6: How DLA is Meeting EPACT Requirements

Conf F

Moderator: Karen Moran, DLA

Breakout 3.6: End-of Life Management of Federal Electronics Assets

Conf E

Moderator: Oliver Voss, EPA

Verification, Validation and Internal Audits/Assessments

This mini-training session will focus on ways to verify and validate whether you have an adequate EMS in place through an internal audit/assessment program.


Jose Jimenez,

Federal Facilities Program Manager

US Environmental Protection Agency Region III

How to Find Green Products via DLA

Speaker: Karen Moran, DLA

How to Find Green Products via GSAAdvantage

Speaker: Tonya Butler, GSA


An Insider's View

of the Federal Acquisiton Regulation Clauses

 Speaker: Richard Langston, DOE

EPP Database of Contract Language

Speaker: James Darr, EPA

Handling Electronics Under Property Management Regulations

Speaker: James Begis

Program Analyst

US General Services Administration


Data Security and Destruction Issues

Speaker: Mike Caltabiano, IT Specialist, Enterprise Desktop Solutions


Reusing, Donating and Recycling your Electronics Assets


Denise A Hicks

Program Manager, Computers for Learning (CFL) Program, GSA


Oliver Voss

Service Center Manager, Office of Acquisition Management, USEPA


Varney Smith

Program Manager, UNICOR, Federal Prison Industries



May 4, 2006

8:30 – 9:45 am


Sustainability- An Overview; Kenny Floyd, NIH

Town Hall Meeting

Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) Silver & Bronze Award Ceremony

10:15 – 10:30


10:30 am – Noon

Breakout 1.7: Implementing EMS at Government Owned/Contractor Operated (GOCO) Facilities

Conf E

Moderator: Melanie Pearson, DOE

Breakout 2.7: Workshop for Audience and Panelists: How to Find Readily Available/Cost Effective Biobased Products and Avoid Conflicting Attributes


Moderator : Sandra Cannon, PNNL 

Breakout 3.7: Results-oriented Government: The Environment, Energy and Transportation Management Score Cards

Conf F

Moderator: Heather Davis,


EMS Implementation at the Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management Facilities


Cheri Bahrke,

Manager, Environmental Services

S.M. Stoller Corporation

Office of Legacy Management

US Department of Energy


Implementing EMS at Government Owned/Contractor Operated (GOCO) facilities


Michael S. Hooks, CHMM

Environmental Scientist

EG&G Division of URS

NASA Wallops Flight Facility

USDA Requirements

Panelist : Marv Duncan

Resolving Conflciting Attributes

Panelist : Dana Arnold, OFEE


Overcoming Obstacles

Panelist: Mike Green,



Readily Available Biobased Products

Panelist : Sandra Cannon, PNNL


Biobased Fuels

Panelist: Shab Fardanesh, DOE


INL Pilot of Biobased Fleet Products

Panelists: Anne Dustin and John Kay, INL


National Park Service Use of Biobased Products

Panelist: Chris Case, NPS-DOI

Understanding the Score Card Metrics and Rating
Speaker: Cynthia Vallina, Senior Budget Analyst,


Demonstrating Success: Performance and Results

Mike A. McNeill
Environmental Engineer,
Environmental Management Division,
NASA Headquarters

Heather Davis
Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance, DOI


12:00 – 1:00 pm


1:00 – 2:30 pm

Breakout 1.8: EMS for “non-traditional” facilities—A Management System approach to Environmental Compliance

Conf E

Moderator: Ed Pinero, OFEE

Breakout 2.8: How to Buy Green Power

Moderator: Barbara Matos, VA


Breakout 3.8: Addressing Land Use Impacts

Conf F

Moderator: Paul Lin, DOE


Joe Sabel,

Chief of the Environmental Division

United States Coast Guard

Oakland California



Paul DiBenedetto,

Office of Environment and Energy

Federal Aviation Administration


Arnold Bierenbaum, Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration


Joe Cascio

Senior Associate

Booz Allen Hamilton

NREL Green Power Markets

Speaker: Chandra Shah, NREL, FEMP


EPA GreenPower Partnership Program

Speaker: Blaine Collison, EPA


EPA Success in Buying Green Power

Speaker: Bucky Green, EPA


PNNL Case Study

Speaker: Mike Moran, PNNL

Watershed Management

Speaker: Dov Weitman

Chief, Nonpoint Source

Control Branch, USEPA


Air Emission Reductions


Karen Scott

Communications, Outreach and Education Specialist



Shawn Norton

Environmental Leadership Program, NPS


Julie Thomas

Air Resources Division, NPS

2:30 - 3:00


3:00 – 4:30 pm

Breakout 1.9: The Future of EMS

Conf E

Moderator: Melanie Pearson, DOE

Breakout 2.9: Workshop for Audience and Panelists: How to Track What We Have to Report


Moderator: Sandra Cannon, PNNL

Breakout 3.9: Stewardship

Conf F

Moderator: Edwin Pinero


Guidance for the Complementary Processes of Environmental Management Systems and National Environmental Policy Act


Matthew McMillen,

Environmental Protection Specialist

Office of Environment and Energy

Federal Aviation Administration


Department of Energy’s

new P2 and Sustainable Environmental Stewardship goals and strategies

Speaker: Jane Powers

Office of Pollution and Resource Conservation and Guidance

US Department of Energy

Future Reporting Requirements

Panelists: Cynthia Vallina, OMB

Dana Arnold, OFEE


Plausible Federal Tracking Systems

Panelist: Linda Mesaros, Mesaros Inc.


NASA Cost Effective Tracking System

Panelist: Mike McNeill, NASA


SPR Cost Effective Tracking System

Panelist: Gabriel Adams, SPR

Understanding Voluntary and Consensus Standards

Speaker: JoAnne Overman

National Institute of Standards and Technology


Overview of White House Initiatives Involving Federal Stewardship

Speaker: Edwin Pinero; OFEE


Integrating EH&S into Business Transformation

Speaker: John Coho, OSD, DoD


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