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General Description

How to get rid of excess or unused pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides, and herbicides.

Summary of Federal Requirements

Waste or excess pesticides must be disposed of as either hazardous waste or universal waste.

Disposal as a universal waste is only possible if they are pesticides that are either:

  1. recalled pesticides that are stocks of a suspended and canceled pesticide that are a part of a voluntary or mandatory recall under FIFRA Section 19(b), including, but not limited to, those owned by the registrant responsible for conducting the recall,
  2. the total amount of the restricted-use pesticide that was applied
  3. recalled pesticide that are stocks of suspended or canceled pesticides, or a pesticide that is not in compliance with FIFRA, that are part of a voluntary recall by the registrant, or
  4. stocks of other unused pesticide products that are collected and managed as a part of a waste pesticide collection.

Summary of State Requirements

States may narrow the definition of universal waste pesticides.

Laws and Statutes

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

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Regulatory Sources
40 CFR 260
Hazardous Waste Management System: General

40 CFR 273.3
Standards for Universal Waste Management: Pesticides
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