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Chemical Waste Landfills


General Description

Landfills where PCBs are disposed because they are designed such that protection against risk of injury to health or the environment from mitigation of PCBs to land, water, or the atmosphere is provided from PCBs and PCB Items deposited therein by locating, engineering, and operating the landfill as required.

Summary of Federal Requirements

No free-flowing liquids may be put into a chemical waste landfill.

Liquids from incidental sources, such as precipitation, condensation, leachate, or load separation with PCB concentrations at greater than or equal to 50 ppm and less than 500 ppm, are associated with PCB Articles or non-liquid PCB wastes must be disposed of in a chemical waste landfill that complies with 40 CFR 761.75 and:

  • disposal of the liquids does not violate land disposal restriction (LDR) regulations
  • information is provided to or obtained by the owner of operator of the chemical waste landfill that shows the liquids do not exceed 500 ppm and are not an ignitable waste.

PCB Transformers with PCB concentrations of 500 ppm or greater which are not decontaminated may be disposed of in either a USEPA approved incinerator or a chemical waste landfill. When using a chemical waste landfill, the transformer must be drained of all free-flowing liquids, filled with solvent, allowed to stand for at least 18 h, and than drained thoroughly.

Owners and operators of PCB chemical waste landfills must keep records on water analysis and operational records, including burial coordinates, for 20 yr after disposal has ceased.

Summary of State Requirements

The States may have not allow as high a concentration of PCBs in the landfill a the U.S. EPA does.

Laws and Statutes

Toxic Substances Control Act

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Regulatory Sources
40 CFR 761
Polychlorinated Bi-Phenyls (PCBs) Manufacturing, Processing, Distribution in Commerce, and Use Prohibitions

40 CFR 761.45
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) Manufacturing, Processing, Distribution in Commerce, and Use Prohibitions, Chemical Waste Landfills
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