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Call for Presentation Abstracts

This year's theme for the Symposium – Environment: A Mission Asset – focuses on the sharing of best practices, success stories, partnerships, and challenges and achievements of the federal practitioner community as they apply to your Agency's mission. The conference is also expected to bring together federal agencies and their partnering organizations to provide existing and relevant environmental policy perspectives.

Speakers from federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, academia and private organizations representing a federal agency, are invited to present at the event. The call for presentation abstracts opens here on Monday, April 3, 2023 and closes on Friday, December 29, 2023.

To make the Symposium a success, please consider participating as a presenter to convey information and generate discussion about your organization's own achievements and challenges across a wide array of environmental topics that have effect on your mission.

Complete instructions for submitting your presentation abstract are available here. The instructions provide a list of potential topics we would like to see at the Symposium. Your presentation proposals are by no means limited to these examples; they are provided merely to show areas of high interest among the Federal community.

Please note: All approved speakers for this event will conduct their presentations in-person at the event facility at NIH in Bethesda, MD. Sessions will be broadcast live for virtual attendees while presented in-person to attendees wishing to attend the event in-person.

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For all questions or comments regarding the Federal Environmental Symposium, please send email to joseph.stefan@nih.gov.

Last Updated: November 14, 2023