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FedCenter.gov is the Federal government's home for comprehensive environmental stewardship and compliance assistance information for Federal facility managers and their agencies.

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Your source for monitoring and tracking proposed and final regulatory information.
EPA's current focus on important compliance issues facing federal facilities today.
Your connection to a comprehensive listing of scheduled conferences, workshops and training for the Federal community.
Federal Green Challenge

2016 Federal Green Challenge Award Winners Announced. Click for more information!

EPA Announces 2016 Federal Green Challenge Award Winners
In 2015, 290 federal facilities took steps to reduce pollution, support renewable energy, and operate more efficiently as part of the Federal Green Challenge (FGC). Participants saved more than $21 million across natural gas, fuel oil, paper purchasing, water, and municipal solid waste (MSW) categories. The reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is equivalent to annual emissions of more than 518,000 million passenger vehicles with a carbon dioxide equivalent of more than 2.4 million metric tons (MTCO2E). See the winners...

GSA's Sustainable Facilities Tool

GSA Upgrades Hot Annotated EO 13693 Resource on SFTool

GSA Upgrades Hot Annotated EO 13693 Resource on SFTool
The Hot Annotated Executive Order 13693 features the EO with a wide variety of its terms and provisions highlighted and linked to definitions and online resources, best practices and case studies. Among the best practices and case studies to which the Hot Annotated EO links are the Agency Practices collected by the Interagency Sustainability Working Group.

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Federal personnel are invited to join FedCenter for collaboration opportunities and required reporting needs.
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Facility Regulatory Tour Thumbnail Image
Take a tour of the buildings and activities commonly found at federal facilities and find out what regulations apply where.
Access the numerous data systems which contain information about issues such as: your compliance record, the permits you have, the wastes generated by your facility and your neighbors, the status of your watersheds, air monitoring data, and population statistics.
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Last Updated: August 18, 2016