Sustainable Acquisition

The goal of the U.S. Department of Energy's Sustainable Acquisition Program is to help DOE sites recognize the value of environmentally preferable products (especially those with attributes specified by Congress: biobased/recycled content, energy/water efficient, alternative fuels/vehicles, and non-ozone depleting) and transition to them as quickly as possible.

Within DOE, the responsibility for purchasing products specified by Congress is spread among multiple offices and within those offices multiple organizations, each with the same need to promote the purchase of a preferred product. Staff in each of the offices responsible for a particular preferred product initiated an informal Preferred Procurement Partnership to leverage our common efforts and give DOE sites consistent sources of information, such as quarterly teleconferences and reporting websites, joint strategic plans and awards programs, identifying purchasers and users (green teams), technology transfer, and technical support for problem solving.

The offices comprising the Preferred Procurement Partnership are:

Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security (AU)

  • Sustainable Acquisition Program (Office of Sustainable Environmental Stewardship) - Shab Fardanesh
  • Non-Ozone Depleting Substances (Office of Sustainable Environmental Stewardship) - Bill Fortune

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

  • Alternative Fuels/Vehicles (Office of Federal Energy Management Program) - Dante Tan
  • FEMP Designated Products(Office of the Federal Energy Management Program) - Karen Guerra
  • Sustainability Performance (Office of Sustainability Performance) - Steve Bruno

Office of Procurement and Assistance Management (ME)

  • Procurement (Office of Acquisition and Project Management) - Larry Butler

For DOE Sustainable Acquisition questions, contact Shab Fardanesh (202-586-7011).

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Last Updated: January 04, 2019