Sustainable Acquisition



The US Department of Energy has developed a targeted list of products and goals (specifications). The purpose of the DOE Priority Products list is to help DOE sites focus on purchases most pertinent for your organization and thereby improve the overall effectiveness of sustainable acquisition programs.

The DOE Priority Product goals can be used as specifications in contracts.

The selection criteria for the DOE Priority Products are:

  1. Lower health and environmental impacts
  2. Are purchased regularly and a significant part of DOE spending
  3. Reduce maintenance costs
  4. Reduce waste management costs
  5. Perform and are readily available
  6. Reinforce behavior change
  7. Are covered by standards reflecting multiple attributes (preferably third-party certified)
  8. Contribute to LEED points for existing buildings and new construction
  9. Conform to the Federal Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings

To recognize DOE sites that meet the Priority Product goals, DOE has a GreenBuy Award

For DOE Sustainable Acquisition questions, contact Shab Fardanesh (202-586-7011).

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Last Updated: April 26, 2023