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The US Department of Energy has developed a targeted list of products and their attributes to help DOE sites focus on purchases most pertinent for your organization and thereby improve the overall effectiveness of sustainable acquisition programs. In addition, the Priority Product attributes can be used as specifications in contracts. The selection criteria for the DOE Priority Products are

  1. Lower health and environmental impacts
  2. Are purchased regularly and a significant part of DOE spending
  3. Reduce maintenance costs
  4. Reduce waste management costs
  5. Perform and are readily available
  6. Reinforce behavior change
  7. Are covered by standards reflecting multiple attributes (preferably third-party certified)
  8. Contribute to LEED points for existing buildings and new construction
  9. Conform to the Federal Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings

To recognize DOE sites that meet the Priority Product goals, DOE has a GreenBuy Award. To be nominated for the GreenBuy Award, enter data in the GreenBuy Award Nomination website. If a DOE site's data in the nomination website indicates you have met any of the following award levels, your site will receive recognition:

Bronze: 4 products (covering at least 2 product categories)
Silver: 6 products (covering at least 3 product categories)
Gold: 9 products (covering at least 5 product categories)

The awards become progressively more challenging over time, encouraging participants to transition to more and more sustainable products. Awardees will be recognized for the same or higher level in subsequent years but not a lower level. While the same award level may be recognized in consecutive years, the stipulations are:

  • Gold level: 3 product types may be repeated
  • Silver level: 1 product type may be repeated 
  • Bronze level: 0 product types may be repeated

We want to keep a balance between encouraging transition to more sustainable products and recognition of your efforts. Winners of the bronze, silver, and gold GreenBuy awards are recognized each year and announced at the January teleconference.

To recognize leadership and continuous improvement in transitioning to more sustainable products, we introduced three new awards in FY2018. Sites that earn the GreenBuy Gold Award multiple times will qualify for these new awards.

  • To Achieve Prime: Sites must earn GreenBuy Gold 3 times
  • To Achieve Superior: Sites must earn GreenBuy Gold 5 times
  • To Achieve Elite: Sites must earn GreenBuy Gold 10 times

In addition, DOE sites can submit their Priority Products goal achievements for a Sustainability award.

To view the GreenBuy Award nominations for the current fiscal year, see the GreenBuy Program Awards Nomination Data (login required.)

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