Sustainable Acquisition


80% postconsumer paper


Three-ring paperboard binders with recycled content are readily available from almost all major suppliers of office products to government agencies, such as Boise Office Solutions, Corporate Express, Javits-Wagner-O'Day, etc..


Three-ring recycled binders from GSA Advantage (made by Industries for the Blind) are less expensive than virgin binders (Dana Arnold, OFEE, December 12, 2002 Teleconference Minutes). Should your organization not be able to purchase directly from GSA Advantage, as a Federal contractor you are eligible to purchase directly from the GSA supplier at GSA pricing.


Often organizations have excess 3-ring binders while their neighboring organization is needing binders for inhouse use. Setting up a system to exchange these binders saves both purchasing and disposal costs.

Used binders can be cleaned with vinegar.

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Last Updated: March 24, 2011