Sustainable Acquisition


100% recycled agriculture fiber or
75% recycled aluminum or
70% postconsumer HDPE, total of 95% recycled HDPE or
100% postconsumer PET or
25% postconsumer remanufactured/refurbished components or
16% postconsumer steel with total of 25% recycled steel or
1% postconsumer wood composite with total of 80% recycled wood composite.


Any furniture with steel will readily meet the recycled steel requirement because steel has 25-30% recycled content. DOE sites have found several major furniture manufacturers with Federal government sectors (Haworth, Hon Office Furniture, Knoll, and Watson, for example) have office furniture that meets the requirements.


The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association - BIFMA have developed a standard for office furniture and been certifying office furniture to that standard.  The standard has 70 attributes, divided between environmental (about 60 attributes) and social (about 10 attributes) considerations.  A manufacturer earns points based on meeting the criteria in different categories (materials, energy and atmosphere, HUMAN and ecosystem HEALTH, and social responsibility).

Tip: Strategic Petroleum Reserve often repairs rather than replaces its office furniture, which is the most environmental purchasing strategy.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2011