Sustainable Acquisition


100% recovered material (consolidated)
20% recovered material (reprocessed whites/pastels)
50% recovered material (reprocessed earth tones/darks)


The challenge with paint (especially for indoor areas with limited ventilation) is to find one with recycled content and low volatile organic compounds as well as low-to-no other hazardous ingredients. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found one with both attributes: Visions Recycling, Inc., Tel. 800-770-7664, Jerry Noel. Visions paint is available on GSA Contract GS-06F-0012M through Sherwin Williams although you need to have Visions initiate the connection with your local Sherwin Williams store.


Recycled paint is typically 1/3-1/2 the cost of virgin paint.


Specs, test results, etc. show good quality recycled paint performs as well as other latex paint. It has excellent coverage according to a test by the Argonne National Lab and is healthier for painters per a study done by the Pacific Northwest National Lab. PNNL assembled a list of attributes in the Visions recycled paint compared with two other latex paints.

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Last Updated: March 24, 2011