Planning Step: Apply to Mission and Operations

At this step in the framework, agencies should be able to begin addressing how climate change impacts will affect agency mission and operations. Agencies' should consider the risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities posed by climate change to their agency missions, programs, and operations. This is an essential part of the planning process that will enable an agency to set priorities for action and identify knowledge gaps. Agencies should also communicate science information needs to the appropriate Federal agencies to ensure that necessary climate change information meets adaptation planning needs across the Federal community.

For additional discussion, see Section III.D and IV.C of the Support Document.


  • Guiding Questions for Agency Adaptation Planning from the Support Document
  • Additional information and instructions to complete the high-level analysis will be provided during Council on Environmental Quality sponsored interagency workshops, or in future guidance or support documents and will be made available on this site.
  • By June 3, 2011, submit responses to the guiding questions.

  • By September 30, 2011, submit an initial high-level analysis of agency vulnerability to climate change.

  • By March 2012, submit a final high-level analysis of vulnerability to climate change.