Planning Step: Understand How Climate Is Changing

At this step, agencies should ensure that they have an understanding of the best-available, actionable climate change science with the goal of understanding how their agency will respond to the following questions:
  • "What aspects of the climate are changing, at what rate, and over what spatial scale (i.e., at the global, national, regional, and local level)?"
  • "What uncertainties are associated with projected impacts of climate change?"
  • "How do these compare and relate to other stresses and their uncertainties?"
  • "How can we characterize and use this uncertainty in our adaptation efforts?"

Agencies should consider climate change scenarios that have a low-probability of occurring but could significantly impact their mission and operations.

For additional discussion, see Section III.D and Section IV.B of the Support Document.


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  • During 2011, participate in Council on Environmental Quality sponsored climate change adaptation workshops to increase agency understanding of how the climate is changing and share information within the agency about how climate change impacts the agency.