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Airline and Rental Car Travel Emissions


GSA's Travel Management Information Service (MIS) is available to assist agencies and commissions with meeting the requirements established by Executive Order 13514 for scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting. The Travel MIS GHG methodology computes the baseline year's (FY 2008) and the past fiscal year's emissions in metric tons. This information can then be used to populate these emissions categories in the GHG reporting portal.

The GSA Travel Management Information Service presently has travel data for over eighty Federal agencies and independent commissions. If your organization already has its data in the MIS, you can generate totals for your air and rental car GHG emissions by simply running a report.

Additionally, a dashboard is available to model reductions to your future GHG emissions.

Two reports provide the data needed to meet the scope 3 reporting requirements:

  1. CO2 Emissions – Business Air Travel by Agency
  2. CO2 Emissions – Car Rental by Agency
You may optionally run these reports by organization (which provides a breakdown of the emissions at a lower agency organizational/hierarchical level.)

The GSA Travel MIS also provides a Videoconferencing & CO2 dashboard that can be used for planning reductions in emissions from business travel, in concert with reduction plans that agencies have communicated in their Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans.

Please contact GSA's Travel MIS support team (Peter Kapsales, 703-605-2163, peter.kapsales@gsa.gov) with any questions about the Travel MIS. Logins to the service can be provided for agencies and commissions that presently are not using it. If your agency's or commission's data is not loaded in the Travel MIS, GSA can work with your organization to aggregate your data and provide you with your GHG reporting capability in as little as one to two weeks.

Online training for reporting travel GHG emissions

GSA is offering online training webinars for reporting Scope 3 travel greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These trainings sessions are specifically focused on generating travel GHG reports using GSA's Travel Management Information Service (MIS). We are happy to invite you to attend a one hour training session to learn how to run the reports and submit emissions. The following dates and times are available. If interested, please e-mail TravelMIS@gsa.gov with the preferred session(s). A confirmation email will be sent from the Travel MIS team..

Available sessions (all times are listed in EST):

Session 1: Friday 12/11 @ 2 PM
Session 2: Wednesday 12/16 @ 12 PM
Session 3: Monday 12/21 @ 10 AM
Session 4: Thursday 1/7 @ 1 PM
Session 5: Wednesday 1/13 @ 11 AM
Session 6: Tuesday 1/19 @ 12 PM
Session 7: Monday 1/25 @ 3 PM

For more information contact: TravelMIS@gsa.gov.