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Actions for those directly compiling the GHG inventory (data collection/analysis)

Supporting the effort of the Department to complete the GHG inventory there may be many individuals with direct access to, and knowledge of, the various and disparate sources of data that must be accessed to calculate emissions.  These individuals may have no direct background in GHG inventories and may maintain databases originally designed for quite different applications. 

 1.   Review final Guidance and Technical Support Document

 2.   Review IMP and identify your responsibilities

 3.   Obtain training as assigned by your supervisor

 4.   Receive data calls from supervisor

 5.   Access relevant data sources

 6.   Enter constant data if/as needed (e.g. building data in EPA Portfolio Manager, if it is to be used)

 7.   Maintain data and metadata records

 8.   Respond to requests for data and metadata

 9.   Identify data gaps and data quality problems 

10.  Obtain missing data and correct data quality where possible

11.  Alert supervisor to unresolved data gaps 

12.  Summarize data for input to agency GHG inventory tool(s)

13.  Enter building energy data in EPA Portfolio Manager (if it is to be used, and according to agency protocols)

14.  Enter activity data in the designated agency GHG inventory tool (e.g. web, spreadsheet, form, etc.)

15.  Perform quality checks specified in IMP

16.  Correct data as required and document corrections

17.  Transmit data to supervisor

18.  Notify supervisor when you have completed data input

19.  Revise methods in response to changes in IMP

20.  Document problems and report to supervisor