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Actions of the Senior Sustainability Officer


Although the responsibility to produce a GHG inventory lies at the Departmental level, EO13514 requires each Department to designate a Senior Sustainability Officer (SSO) who has primary responsibility for GHG inventory reports.

The SSO may chose to delegate many of the actions listed below. The SSO is ultimately responsible for these actions so we list them here to provide guidance on steps that are likely to be needed. This may provide some insight for others on the team GHG Leads and GHG Data Collectors about the actions the SSO must assure while leading the overall effort.

SSO Actions

 1. Develop agency-wide Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP)
 2. Disseminate agency-wide SSPP
 3. Review draft Guidance and Technical Support Document
 4. Provide comments to CEQ on draft Guidance and Technical Support documents
 5. Review final Guidance and Technical Support Document
 6. Determine the need for sub-agency guidance vs. use of CEQ Guidance
 7. Develop guidance for sub-agency and or site-specific sustainability plans
 8. Identify budget needs and resources, convey to GHG Lead
 9. Identify staffing requirements
10. Obtain budget authority
11. Secure staff and assign responsibilities
12. Integrate/combine current data management systems /processes/calls when feasible
13. Approve IMP
14. Approve tools to be used for GHG inventory
15. Notify GHG Lead and agency leads of requirements for tool use
16. Monitor GHG inventory process with regular team updates
17. Take note of any CEQ-announced changes in Guidance and TSD and disseminate accordingly
18. Review and approve GHG inventory
19. Submit GHG report to FEMP reporting tool