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Small Agency Tools for GHG Inventory Reporting

Many small agencies may only have greenhouse gas emissions in a few categories, due perhaps to the nature of their operations or the ownership arrangements of their facilities. The tools below are intended to assist small agencies with determining which emissions categories they may need to report in their GHG inventories and how to report these emissions. While the tools address all emissions categories to some extent, more emphasis is placed on emissions categories that smaller agencies are likely to need to report.

The two tools may be used independently or in combination. Both contain the same information, but individual users may find one easier to use than another. One tool utilizes a flow chart format. The other tool is in a table format. The tools are consistent with the Federal Guidance on GHG Accounting and Reporting (October 6, 2010).

Table Format: Small Agency Tool for GHG Inventory Reporting
Flow Chart Format: Small Agency Tool for GHG Inventory Reporting

If your agency has questions about the tools or needs further assistance with reporting its greenhouse gas inventory, please contact the FEMP technical assistance point of contact assigned to your agency.