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The key organizational document agencies can create to guide efforts during the GHG inventory process is the Inventory Management Plan (IMP). Chapter 7 of the Public Sector Protocol describes the relation between the IMP and the GHG report.

Once your agency has completed its IMP, we recommend you distribute and brief it to each person who has a role in the agency GHG inventory. This helps to assure each person is adequately informed of their roles and responsibilities and explains the process within the agency context.

Agencies may create an IMP at the headquarters level and each bureau may create an IMP for their own actions. Similarly, for large bureaus, lower level organizations within the bureau may require their own IMP. Each should be linked and cross-referenced to ensure consistency and clear lines of responsibility and reporting.

Creating an IMP is straight-forward. The template for an IMP that we provide here can form the basis for your agency's IMP. We've indicated by red text the items you must customize for your agency. This IMP Template is designed to use the default methodologies of the EO13514 Section 9 Guidance and Technical Support Document. If agencies elect to use any of the advanced methodologies as outlined in the Technical Support Document the IMP Template and the associated data call template should be modified accordingly.

You can also find an example from the Department of Commerce of the use of this template for an entire Department.

This template is one example of an IMP. Agencies may choose to develop a different format. Here are examples of those from other groups, including one from the National Renewable Energy Lab and a more generic template created by The Climate Registry. EPA Climate Leaders provides guidance on the content of an IMP (see p.37).